Alpha Stars Program

This past summer I was a technical mentor for the Alpha Stars Program. I helped answer technical questions and guide the students in the right direction. I also introduced them to agile practices to help them stay on track.

The program was made up of a handful of teams each working on a business idea. Each team was made up of both business and technical individuals. Together they createed a product that they demoed at the end of the summer to a panel of individuals we selected.

The teams I specifically mentored created very interesting products.

The first created a wedding photography app. This app could be used by photographers to showcase their work, and market themselves. It could also be used by people needing to hire a photographer. The second team I mentored created a hospital GPS. This app could be used by patients to find where they need to go within the building. The last team I mentored was creating an app to post one-time jobs and get people to complete them. For example, if you wanted somebody to mow your grass you could post a one-time ad and other people would bid on the lowest price they’d accept for that job.

All in all, it was a great experience! Hopefully these students will go out and create something awesome!