Org-roam TODO and Version Control

At my last job (ArcheMedX), I was exposed to Roam Research (thanks Justin 🙂). For those who don’t know what Roam Research is, it’s a note-taking tool that allows you to write notes that bidirectionally link to each other. After leaving ArcheMedX, I started to use a similar Emacs library: org-roam.

I extensively use org-roam to track my TODO items by tagging each task with the TODO node. I then use the following function to quickly view my todo tasks (bound to C-c n t).

(defun org-roam-display-todo ()
  "Display and select org-roam dedicated buffer for TODO."
  (-> (org-roam-node-from-title-or-alias "TODO")

From within Emacs, the above function will render a buffer like:

Backlinks (3)
2022-11-04 (TODO Redesign PartyQs home screen)...
2022-11-04 (TODO Write blog-post about org-roam)...
2022-11-05 (TODO Setup RSS for site)...

As I complete tasks, I’ll update the node to be DONE which will prevent it from showing up when calling the above function. I also utilize MIGHTDO for tasks that I’d like to get to one day.

I utilize Git to version control all my notes. Even though my notes are only modified by me, I like to see how they have changed over time. It also allows me to completely change my notes without worrying about losing them.

I wrote an Emacs function that runs at a regular interval using Midnight to call git add, git commit, and git push.

(defun org-roam-git (cmd)
  "Execute `git CMD` from the org-roam repo."
  (let ((default-directory org-roam-directory))
     (format "git %s" cmd))))

(defun org-roam-git-add-commit-push ()
  "Add files, commit them, and then push to org-roam repo."
  (org-roam-git "add ./**/*.org")
  (org-roam-git "commit -m 'Add notes using emacs.'")
  (org-roam-git "push"))

;; Trigger midnight-hook every 7200 seconds (2 hours)
(setq midnight-period 7200)
(midnight-delay-set 'midnight-delay "00:00")

(add-hook 'midnight-hook 'org-roam-git-add-commit-push)

You can check out my full Emacs config on Github.